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she was i mean to fight he told. police think it's just something. while the same mission is still in place who one of the consequences to. labor. will first with the sluice the truth be consider is the consequences are actually quite acceptable to the decision. i am asked eiser this is the kaiser report the world is a big place it's an oar in the sky rotating around the sun and people need to move
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money around this or sometimes great quantities of it in different forms sometimes in the form of gold. max this is going to be yet another one of those we told you so we were right we were right and max kaiser caused all this global chaos happening and it's a story that shows you old the oldest money versus the newest money german central bank completes a move of twenty four billion euros worth of gold germany central bank has completed its plan to shift fifty four thousand gold bars from vault to new york in paris to beneath its frankfurt headquarters without a major glitch you and i of course were at their frankfurt headquarters and that was in march twenty eighth and our now may twenty eighteen is the exterior yes we arise from it and we're heading your way by the children and by more crypto march of two thousand and eight the beginning of the financial crisis that weekend
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the bear stearns collapse j.p. morgan took it over we were there at the buddhist bank in frankfurt the federal reserve bank of america had cut interest rates by seventy five basis points on the sunday night i think it's march eighteenth and we arrived the next morning to interview the head of the gold department at the buddhist bank on another project and lo and behold everything was shut down we weren't allowed to interview them but you did get from them that in fact their gold was being held in new york apparently no german citizens knew that and thus began this process of the bundesbank repatriating their gold from america so we caused a firestorm of controversy in germany when we got somebody inside the buddhist bank to admit apparently for the first time that most of germany's gold was seldom fact overseas in the u.s. and in france and they repatriated more than three hundred tons of gold back to germany the cost of doing this i understand was something on the order of thirteen
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million euros and huge bill to move it in the crypto space of course you could have moved three hundred million a billion times billion for. some new york to frankfurt in instance amos lee at a cost of depending on the transaction fees and what a lunatic is responsible for a passion power this minute maybe twenty bucks let's go back to the numbers because it's actually five hundred seventy four tons that they moved the buddhist bank one of the biggest holders of gold in the world moved six hundred seventy four tons even more from the vaults of the federal reserve bank of new york and bank to france the french central bank over the past four years and one of the biggest operations of its type each of the fifty three thousand seven hundred eighty bars weighs twelve point five kilos and is worth four hundred forty thousand euros in total the haul is worth twenty three point seven billion euros to six hundred seventy four tons it took four years to do of course that would take a fraction of a second to get across the world if it were
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a big point now of course with big quain also be a queen is trust the list so you don't need to have all sorts of middlemen to determine whether or not this is real well in fact you have billion you have hundreds of millions of people who are the middlemen determining instantly that this is a legitimate a true transaction and here they do mention because apparently a lot of people are worried whether or not they really got gold bars from the new york fed whether or not they were tungsten while the operation sounded like something out of a hollywood script no criminal masterminds managed to foil it the bundestag said it quote thoroughly and exhaustively tested all the bars after they arrived back in frank for in that quote no irregularities came to light with regard to the authenticity fineness or wait at the bar but we have to take their word for that so there's trust in that equation which you don't have a big going to trust list it's all self verified in the transaction itself the transaction is verification of the transaction you don't need a third party as you do in this case and this is one of the drawbacks of gold is
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that it's less fungible then the folks in the gold bull you know argument argue because. it could very well be something other than gold you need a third party to verify the gold which adds cost which adds time which adds problems and we don't have this problem with bitcoin so the era stiliyan for conditions that apply to money fungibility portability scarcity and desirability fit bitcoin without a hitch not so much with gold of course there was a transaction in bitcoin via satellite you can't transmit gold into outer space but you can transmit between and you argue you can take it into the afterlife it's just a big coin can be taken into the afterlife that's a lot of people from the future are now arriving in the present like elon musk is able to pay for his ferry into the present using bitcoin he doesn't talk about it much because he's already considered to be quite a strange man but you know that's the truth i mean we didn't give away that we are
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also from the future because i accidently said we were in this block stream is doing the satellite they ran satellites space i soon i heard about this they were going to send satellites into space using space x. or something because the cost of sending a satellite into space i was cheap getting cheaper and cheaper thanks to mosque and others but in fact no and jeff garza tried this once already with his satellite bitcoin mining project but that would again use actual life but the block stream i believe is renting satellite space and they've already been you know it's amazing is that amazon the little doodad you need to connect to the satellite they are running out of these things are wrong there's a shortage now and the not that tells you that the demand for this is great and the eye is p. vector attack that people have talked about that governments could shut down bitcoin using the i.s.p. level level layer is now moot because just go above the big macs and i will be in aspen in september september twenty first through the twenty third twenty fourth
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and we'll be talking to nexus earth who are also doing satellites and crypto is via their own satellites they're launching so we'll have more on that in upcoming episodes. you know speaking of time travel i want to go back in time to february twenty third two thousand and seventeen earlier this year right after trump became president was inaugurated and we spoke to dan collins of the china money report the episode title on that day episode one thirty six one zero three six was called china u.s. trade war every member in that episode dan collins said yeah well it's great that trump says he's going to do something about all this hollowing out of the rust belt is going to contemplate whether or not we're in a trade war but america's been in a trade war for at least a decade and they've lost they just don't know it yet well we were right here is a headline from steve bannon about c. and this was just before he was fired or ousted whatever from the white house trump
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advisor bannan says us in economic war with china the united states is in an economic war with china u.s. president chief political strategist has warned warning washington is losing the fight but is about to hit china hard over unfair trade practices he said quote we are an economic war with china it's in all their literature they're not shy about saying what they're doing one of us is going to be a hedge amman in twenty five or thirty years and it's going to be them if we go down this path he was quoted as saying some of the headlines were. you know ben says we been in trade war we've lost yeah. to the kaiser report we were told about the trade wars are going to go down and like dr paul craig roberts and others have been pointing this out for ten years or more and it has to do with currency manipulation or currency peg you know in trying to sell stuff and the wal-mart of the money goes back to china but then china does a circulator the chinese economy because i would cause inflation and then that
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would disrupt the mercantile lowest peg of the dollar that's allowing them to leapfrog into this multi-trillion dollar economy where they do they take the dollar . that we send them and they go buy u.s. treasury bonds with it so it's inoculates the inflationary effect in china and it keeps us from going on now for ten fifteen years and that's how they end up with three four five trillion dollars worth of reserves over a trillion dollars worth of dollars it gives a mr teacher reserve to wage economic warfare against the u.s. because now they can be like hank paulson the two thousand and prices they want to get seven hundred billion dollars from congress to bail out goldman sachs and he said we have to do this memo and look at it according to congress then they crash the stock market goldman sachs j.p. morgan wall street banks they crash the market the next day they just sign this blank check or a check for yes seven hundred billion dollars that's what china can do china could simply say you know give us fannie mae freddie back we want to be the largest landlord america and if you block which is crash or economy we just don't dollars so china is in the driver's seat america's got
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a thumb up of strength during. the chinese foreign ministry spokeswoman chua kenyon said she had seen their report that the u.s. might now launch an investigation into whether or not the intellectual property regime in china is a trade war but she said we have also said before a trade war has no future a trade war does not serve the interests of any party as fighting a trade war will not produce a winner we hope that relevant parties can stop viewing issues of the twenty first century with a ninety three twentieth century mentality which is quite interesting in a way that is true in terms of the sort of monetary world we have coined and other crypto currencies and sovereignty. basically being decentralized to the individual level and many people that we talk to the likes of peter schiff and you're going to debate him up and asked him by the way but that there you know that their argument is that we need to stay in that. first century and stay on the gold standard or
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whatever but here you know basically they're saying they're denying this. trade war and well i corrected for this woman heresy saying you can't go back a hundred years hundred fifty years you can't under clinton world trade organization. allowed china to come in and then america's manufacturing capacity went over to china and you end up with a rust belt that voted for trump when did this become an issue in america when hollywood just figured out that china was playing their movies over there when they were good no moony so suddenly it's a trade war because warner brothers didn't get their check this month oh that's good that's onerous that's really problematic the fact of the rustbelt got if this separate it and there are industries from starvation warner brothers lines time warner is everything that i know because i don't see the poor people we once called them beverly hills that had a poor person and bad behavior we all got that we're talking about is that. i mean
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there's so pathetic out there on the west coast that i'm thinking of fukushima but not a negative way well actually we're going to talk further about that california and how they're all talk and no action in terms of this wealth and income gap emerging but i do want to say because you brought it up you brought hollywood up is that china has really cracked down on basic chinese citizens and companies investing overseas but in particular in real estate. and hollywood they won't allow chinese companies to invest in hollywood anymore probably because of this intellectual property situation but they also are not allowing them to invest in property overseas i don't know if they feel like it's the end of the bubble or while the bubble that by the way the chinese investors have mostly caused in many major cities like san francisco new york thank you very london vo they're remaking topcon of course tom cruise will be wearing chinese drag and china wins in this
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episode and that's the remake and michael bay i think is directing and they're all on board with that no problemo number reagan is now going to statues of reagan should be torn down. obviously the allow the chinese interloper says to own my gosh we're all over the transgenders on this. well we got to go to the next half of the show but i got to break so don't go away stay right there. welcome to the wonderful world of blood donation i come here every three weeks to get my transfusion to be specific i receive immunoglobulin my body gets and some bodies that i cannot produce itself around the world giving blood is seen as a symbol of generosity and does this because it helps people it's just that one of the side effects is that it. applies more. to put money on
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your car immediately you don't have all plasma based drugs today come from private companies and are produced from paid plasma as well as comparable you know murder and. one of the risks of pay donation in it then is proof that the frequency of pathologies is much higher in paid donations in it. if i was. over two years old he would go in the money using the drug and who runs the blood business. boss alone the dubrovnik in venice are all fixed travel destinations so it must be nice to live there or is it.
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crowds of tourists disrupt the city's economic and social life. for us on the celestial get out of the. sun was by him sometime soon as we as money into a school not days and. while the city's tried desperately not to. collapse. of will put the couple who probably global on the dole coffee cup at home in the bushes up the wall on sobs knock up the supposed it to me of a. mind. is a tourist phobia will fail fall into an identity.
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the world oh all round but i'm now showing you the opposite side. you know bill clinton gave us the commodity futures modernization act and repeal of glass steagall set in motion the collapse of the american economy that's why i propose all statues and libraries donated their committed or so. whatever to bill clinton dedicated be torn down be torn down immediately yes well what actually gets that we're going to talk about financialization it started with. post world war two essentially that the financialization began karl marx by the way predicted all of this predicted they economies of the capitalist world would be destroyed through financialization it's unbelievable to read it but over one hundred years ago he predicted this would happen but first i want to stay on california because you mentioned hollywood also in california silicon valley that's up near san francisco
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as part of san francisco and they are in the headlines here this is in the st louis dispatch and what they're talking about is how silicon valley is all talk no action now you know the likes of facebook and google are telling you we're going to protect you people from the nazis because we are good people censorship from good people is good a good thing that we are in lie in people and you can see that the proof is in that on our website it says don't be evil we are and we say nice things and we believe in nice things and we believe in all sorts of a quality we say but do they actually in practice believe in equality well let's look at this silicon valley is using h. one b. visas to crowd out american minorities so max you know that congress created h one . visa in one nine hundred ninety so right before clinton under-rating.
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under reagan bush one so however it was the first five years they accepted about fifty thousand they only applied for like fifty thousand visas from overseas workers. under clinton it exploded so there was like nine hundred thousand eighty one b. workers at the moment so here they point out that silicon valley is highly publicized campaign to hire minorities and women has failed black and hispanic employees combined represent just five percent of the tech workforce and women are outnumbered three to one according to a new study from the software firm at last am yet when at last in surveyed over one thousand four hundred tech workers ninety four percent of them deemed their industry inclusive so this industry that is now controlling so much of our cultural
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space in the new space what they deem to be legitimate or right or ok with it you know that that they believe that they're super inclusive and yet the evidence shows we know for example african-americans are twelve percent of the u.s. population it combined with the hispanic employees is less than five percent of the workforce in silicon valley the silicon valley workforce is channeling through stanford university stanford university is the citadel of intelligent tech working code developing math genius folks and that is the pool in which they draw from so if there's diversity is the goal then stanford university in the university system needs to radically open up their admissions policies to get a more demographically representative admissions for the united states once you're out of stanford in the year and go to the job force it's too late the sort of
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modernized application for the job force so if you want to make that change you've got to dig deeper you know under previous all the oil barons and the robber barrons they realize that they had to create libraries and universities and things like that and open things up and. the civil rights movement was in large part put forward by the elites in america who also started the american revolution by the way it wasn't a bunch of un scrubbed unemployed dude's it was middle class guys like thomas jefferson what the study found was that in fact the u.s. graduates far more computer scientists every year than jobs become available so there's no shortage of applicants so those who are going to apply for the jobs it's basically just so you know you know i'm going to give a spoiler here it's all down to profits that the workers they bring in from china and india are cheaper than the americans but here we have silicon valley who breaks everybody else who tells you to tear down satchels because other people are racist
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not them well the facts here suggest they also are racist because it says the influx of foreign workers has especially hurt nonwhite non male native born americans the national science foundation found that seven percent of men of color who graduate with a have a computer science degree seven percent of men with who are african-american or hispanic have no job that's just two percent for white men to graduate and women are also less advantage with a degree so. they're there they're unemployed so they're not getting the jobs in silicon valley that what this article is saying is that it's this h one b. visa google itself has spent something like. eleven million twelve million dollars last year lobbying on immigration issues microsoft spent nine million dollars last year in lobbying for immigration issues the h one b.
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thing and what they found was that h one b. visas enable tech companies to look racially diverse even as they crowd out american women and workers of color last year seventy two percent of h. one b. visas went to indian workers and most of the rest went to chinese workers tech companies have long argued that they want the best and the brightest workers from around the world but their actions suggest they really want the cheapest workers to boost their bottom lines ok so my theory effectively is wrong. when the graduating class of stanford and elsewhere is diverse but they're asking for too much money but they're not being hired yet because of discrimination yes by google by silicon valley yet who is prefer ing asian. applicants who are cheaper am i right that's right and so china is not only makes the phone at
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a slave wage one of our i think your phone is probably ringing somewhere by the way my crypto broker i'm going along. this is not a lawnmower i'm going big or stay home gosh darn it let me finish my point. so they manufacture in china a slave made right and then they steal the job and then when it comes are the high end stuff in the corporate headquarters they discriminate against so americans are getting banged they're getting banged around twice well also immigrants have less rights or easier to control they won't organize they won't ask for too much because then you can say well we're going to pull your visa go back to india you know that they're more compliant that by the nature of the fact that you're there as a guest and that your visa could be revoked at any point should your employer withdraw the visa so they are more compliant but they're that anyway what i'm saying is that they are all talk no action because they could point the finger all
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they want and everybody else but when those ninety four percent are so certain that they are so right and so good and therefore because they're so good and they don't do evil that they should basically censor and control what everybody else thinks and says well their own actions suggest that they are just as racist as the those they are pointing their fingers at and i want to show some charts because you mention financialization i believe intellectual property is part of the whole financialization system it's a wrong sort of system and here we have a few charts to show you just how race this has become since the likes of. bill clinton really got into this not only financialization all the legislation allowing for financialization but also part of that he expanded the whole private prison system and locked up two million african-americans essential so just these charts show you again we're just showing you that action the actual truth about
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these people who claim that they are very egalitarian despite the fact that. we all know the top one percent has taken off completely with all the money under democratic administrations under republican administrations under democratic control of congress under republican control of congress the same thing happens over and over and over and here we have a chart from the average family wealth for those born in one thousand nine hundred five to fifty one so basically what is showing is this is about two thousand right here this is twenty thirteen and it shows that african-american wealth has increased to the eleven times gap so white american families have a lemon times more wealth in two thousand and thirteen than the average african american family well back in two thousand it was five times so it's expanded
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under both bush and then obama expanded to eleven times so despite all their claims of being diverse and loving diversity and loving everybody and being doing no evil the fact is that is doing evil. yeah no i agree erecting a very compelling case of discrimination and racism in silicon valley in the service of draconian bottom line rapacious behavior that is tearing the country apart and they're the first on the barricades protesting against the policies of the current administration claiming that the current administration is evil and yet they are the embodiment of evil that have been for decades all of them are both parties under both parties it's happening here's another chart showing you all the the share of capital income earned by the top one percent versus the bottom eighty percent from one nine hundred seventy nine to two thousand and three so in early days of the bush administration it got worse than after of course iraq invasion but
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you know right about here is where bill clinton came in one thousand nine hundred two ninety three and you see it really takes off from there he allowed the financialization but he was the first black president remember everybody's i.q. so cool he says the right thing he he seems cool he looks handsome certainly better looking than bush sr slick willie slick willie he could play the play the saxophone live on the arsenio hall t.v. show hound o. l. was presently going after that middle america white guys and trucks. bill is one of our us and then bill to get a knife and stabbed him in the back and then his wife tackled like a lunatic. and a famous blue dress was soil and america went straight every other. and now we have finally somebody who's admitting the fact that america is bankrupt and the empires collapse that's the fact that can't blame the truth teller can't blame messenger
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america your empire is gone. well the last forty five seconds we have here i just want to point out quickly because i mention the old and the new old money new money and that is gold versus bitcoin and i want to show that the financialization has entered the whole bitcoin space and this is a tweet from bit fanatics someone likely had a stop loss order of thirty six hundred for a lot of big point exchange sees this manipulated price down to trigger and buy it so right there you saw the price of bitcoin last week went to thirty six hundred and bounced back up but this is going to stop on the day i was the guy i saw some idiot down there the stop was like thirty percent below the bridge you know when lycos goes through the list guys i worked on wall street for many years you know the bear you come into my domain we got to go now and say goodbye thank you for watching. with them stacy herbert if you want to catch us on twitter it's kaiser report in. all.
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here's what people have been saying about redacted a night which he was actually just pull on also the only show i go out of my way to launch you know what it is that really packs a punch oh please yeah mr john oliver of r t america is doing the same we are apparently better than food nothing bad says i see people you have never heard of love redacted tonight my president of the world bank so very. many serious like you sent us an email there are not ones out. on the flu is often not done one might have seen a tough the definitions and i'm bad. when seeking i need south . and. take in the equal city.
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docs to get done and then you're just going to bring the only thing i'm. young but i think. i'm going to know what that beach. site is our. next guest dealing with one mean a leftist i know the deep. he's just numb tokyo find it he's going to have to go. out. of his work was because did a piece against him quite a cultural thing i pulled the premise.
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here's will people be. saying about rejected in the sixty's full on. the only show i go out of my way to launch you know what it is that really packs a punch oh yeah it is the john oliver of r t america is doing the same we are apparently better than. the sea people you've never heard of love back to the night president of the world bank very. seriously send us an email. russia summons the deputy chief u.s. embassy in moscow to protest plans to search russian diplomatic sites in america and the brands is illegal and the grass it. sees cantera chief has revealed that britain has the highest number it is a mistake st missing you if. you're out of whack.


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